Why am I still single?

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There are a many different reasons that some people are single. Some simply choose to be and are not interested in being in a relationship at a particular point in their life, if ever. Ohers are single due to circumstances; they may have just come out of a relationship or just haven’t been able to find someone with whom they feel they are compatible with. There are also a number of people who are constantly looking for an answer to the question “why am I still single” In my experience the answer to this is complex but more in our control than we might think.

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How to Recover from Your Partners Affair

Infidelity in relationships

Discovering our partner has been unfaithful can one of the most devastating experiences of our life. Often our initial reaction will be one of shock and anger followed by hurt and despair. However, after the initial blow has subsided, it’s important that you try and understand exactly what and why has happened in order to establish if you are both able to move on from it.

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The 7 Year Itch – Is There Such a Thing?

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There appears to be a large degree of truth behind this myth because it’s supported by evidence – divorce rates in the UK show a trend in couples getting divorced, on average, around the 7th year of marriage. Having said that, couples certainly don’t need to be married to experience the ‘itch’ it happens due to a length of time, not necessarily a marriage certificate.  Many couples report a gradual decline in the quality of their relationship between the ‘honeymoon’ months and up to the 4th year. If not addressed, tensions rise to such a level around

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A Well Kept Secret….

One of the UK’s Leading Relationship Counsellor Sian Jones, talks about how she created a service enabling her high profile clients to resolve their relationship problems at home
With discretion being the core to her work, is it any wonder that Relationship Counsellor, Sian Jones could be declared a well kept secret?

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