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Crisis Marriage Counselling

Is your marriage in crisis and you need urgent help? We offer Emergency Marriage Counselling via Zoom with availability as soon as tomorrow.

Perhaps you have just found out that your partner has had an affair. Or maybe your marriage is at breaking point and you are desperate to save it. We will help you work through the challenges you are facing and to where you would like to be as quickly as possible.

What happens during a session?

You will be in a safe, confidential non-judgemental situation where:-

You will both be asked what you would like to get out of the marriage counselling sessions. Whether you would like to try and stay together or perhaps want help in ending the marriage amicably. (it’s still important to go through the below process in order to be able do that).

Or maybe, one or both of you are unsure about what you want at this stage. Perhaps you would prefer to see how you feel after the couples counselling. This is not a problem and is very common. We will work towards what you both want, even you are unsure

You will be both be given an equal opportunity to express what you feel the current issues are in the relationship and when you think they began. At this point your relationship counsellors will more than likely ask you for some examples of a situation of when a certain type of behaviour hurt/upset or angered you. This allows more context to what you are trying to explain to your partner

As the couples therapy progresses, the aim is to encourage your partner to hear what you are saying and vice versa. That way you will both begin to see the bigger picture of what is going on between you. You will be both be given help to really listen and try and understand each others points of view. Importantly, having a third party perspective here can be really useful because sometimes it’s hard to see things clearly when emotions are involved

If you choose to stay together, you will both find out what is really important to you and learn how to manage your emotions. You will also be given the opportunity to find out how you can set limits/expectations over what behaviour you will and won’t accept from each other

You will learn about each others differences and needs and agree on compromises going forward

When the sessions come to an end you will be given help and advice on how to keep your marriage on track if that’s the route you choose to take. You will always have the added reassurance of following up with a maintenance session at any time you choose. Even after the first marriage counselling session most couples report to feeling a huge sense of relief that something is finally being done to bring about change in their relationship.

If you would like to book some professional emergency marriage counselling, book an appointment with us today

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Common Relationship Problems

  • Stuck Relationship
  • Stale Relationship
  • Infidelity of affairs
  • Separation or Divorce
  • Intimacy problems
  • Impact of pornography
  • Jealousy or Insecurity

Emergency Marriage Counselling Fees

£70 (Per Couple)
A Full Hour Session

Online Via Zoom

£70 (Individual)
A Full Hour Session

Online Via Zoom

What People Say About Us

  • Sian Jones

    My partner and I had been struggling to communicate effectively for months, and it was starting to take a toll on our relationship. We decided to seek the help of a professional, and we were fortunate enough to have been allocated Sian Jones as our therapist and she also owns Online Couples Counselling.

    From the very first session, Sian made us feel comfortable and at ease. She has an incredible ability to listen without judgment and to ask insightful questions that helped us understand our own feelings and those of our partner. She also gave us practical tools and exercises to help us improve our communication and work through conflicts in a healthy way.

    We appreciated Sian’s compassionate and non-judgmental approach, as well as her expertise in relationship dynamics. She helped us see our patterns and gave us the tools to break them and build a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

    Thanks to Sian’s guidance, we were able to rebuild our communication and create a deeper sense of trust and intimacy. We highly recommend Sian Jones to anyone seeking help with their relationship.



  • Kaye Barney

    I have recently been helped by Kaye Barney and through my sessions I can honestly say I have felt improvement. She helped create a open and friendly platform in which we could discuss the relevant topics that helped ease my overall stress and anxiety. I would recommend Kaye very highly and I would not hesitate to book further sessions if I felt the need. I would also recommend the online sessions and found them far less stressful that adding extra travel to my day.


    Nik Edwards

  • Kay Doherty

    We both found the counselling with Kay Doherty really helpful in getting us to really talk and really listen I’d happily use it again.



  • Madeleine Kingsley

    I initially went to meet with Madeleine for marriage guidance therapy.  Madeleine was understanding, supportive and empathetic to our needs.  She was a rock through the most difficult times in my life; always available with sage advice and guidance even when it wasn’t easy to hear. Her quick wit makes her easy to open up to, effortlessly building relationships.

    Since finishing my regular sessions we keep in touch and I have recommended her to friends, family and even clients. 



  • Kay Doherty

    If you are looking for a great counsellor then Kay is the person you need to see. Without her me and my partner would not have been able to make the steps we have. Her support and guidance is greatly appreciated and we thank her for everything.

    Many thanks



    Lucy and Tom

  • Kay Doherty 

    We had never used counselling of any kind in the past so we found the whole process of finding someone we can speak with quite challenging. We ideally wanted to meet with someone face to face but soon realised that everyone was busy, so searched for an on-line appointment.

    Ours was a private relationship matter, we had no one to talk to but each other so when we met Kay we were hoping for a good listener, independent advice, someone with experience who appreciated what we were going through.

    Kay was exactly what we needed, she listened to both of us, sometimes each in turn and sometimes to both of us together as we opened up about our individual journeys. She is very experienced, so settled our nerves that what we were experiencing was normal each of us at different stages and with different issues to resolve.

    After weekly on-line calls over a period of three months, Kay helped us get to the bottom of our issues and guided us to think about what we were doing, improve communication and better listening. We took on board the feedback and gradually we started working together on the same side as opposed to working against each other.

    We would highly recommend Kay as a Couples Therapist and if we do falter, we would instantly go back to Kay for more help.




  • Denese MacDonald

    Dear Denese, we really have learned a lot about our relationship through our sessions with you . After 40 years we were happy but taking each other for granted . The bigger issues were not a problem , but the smaller irritations were magnifying for a very long time .

    You helped us understand that small changes can make a very big difference , and to simply let things go ! Your counselling is insightful , calm and patient  Talking things through with you as an impartial counsellor who did not criticise us has been very beneficial .

    Thanks so much Denese .



    Mr and Mrs Bowditch

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