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South East Professional Online Counsellor

About me..

Hi, my name is Sarah Warrington and I’m a highly experienced and fully qualified integrative psychotherapist/counsellor at Online Couples Counselling. With over 10 years of private practice, I have helped hundreds of couples and individuals find harmony and resolution in their lives.

I have an Advanced Professional Diploma in ‘Psychotherapeutic Counselling’ and a Certificate in ‘Couples Counselling’. I’m also a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and an accredited member of the NCS (National Counselling Society)

For online relationship help, I use an ‘Integrative Approach’ which means I draw from various theoretical perspectives This ensures that the relationship therapy is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

During our couple counselling sessions, I will be ‘solution-focused, which means I will prioritise actionable steps to enhance your relationship’s future. While acknowledging the past to understand any underlying issues, I provide a safe and empathetic space so you are both able to share your perspectives openly and honestly.

I am unbiased and non-judgmental, fostering a trusting environment where you can freely express your thoughts and feelings. People tell me that I make them feel at ease, facilitating open communication and understanding between partners.

My experience is extensive, working with diverse cultures, same-gender relationships, families, and friendships. I always embrace the values and the uniqueness of each relationship.

If you would like to make and appointment with me for Online Relationship Help. Then please feel free to use the link below.


  • Advanced Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
  • Certificate in Couples Counselling
  • Diploma in Supervision (Clinical Supervision for other counsellors)
  • Counselling Couples Toolkit CPD
  • Working with infidelity CPD
  • Trained in the Rewind Technique for Trauma
  • Trained facilitator for The Freedom Programme
  • I am currently training in EMDR


Prior to becoming a qualified counsellor, over a decade ago, my background involved working in a large corporation where I held responsibilities for managing and training personnel. Additionally, I spent several years as a stay-at-home mum before pursuing a career as a Relationship Therapist —a profession I deeply cherish and find immensely fulfilling.

During this time, I also did volunteer counselling with a charitable organisation, providing support to individuals from various backgrounds and cultures. Through this experience, I underwent training as a Domestic Abuse counsellor and also became a facilitator for The Freedom Programme.

How I can help you

  • My approach to relationship counselling is to assess the main issues in the relationship and to facilitate change in these areas
  • I will provide honest and pragmatic feedback. Because I believe honest insights can truly make a difference in helping you move forward.
  • I keep sessions balanced to give you both the opportunity to be heard and understood
  • My communication style is down to earth and relatable. I aim to put you at ease as quickly as possible
  • You will be given the time and space to feel really heard and understood.


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Year Department Hospital
2002-2005 Cardio-respiratory Institute Of Coast Private Hospital
2002-2005 Cystic Fibrosis Canada Of Coast Private Hospital
2010-2017 Livers & Oncology USA Institute for Rehabilitation
2018-2022 Osteogenesis imperfecta Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation

Types of therapy offered

Couple Therapy/Marriage Counselling

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Psychodynamic Counselling

Person Centred Therapy

LGBTQ+ Relationship Therapy

Bereavement Counselling

Trauma Therapy

Anxiety/OCD/Phobia Counselling

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