Rosalyn and Patrick

relationship counselling gravesend

Tara Cratchley  “The Irish” (ha ha ha!) cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us Tara. It’s been a steep hill but we finally got there, we will never forget what you have done for us and all being well we won’t be booking again!! :))”

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Kiran Kaur “I cannot recommend Kiran enough. She has supported, listened and realistically saved my relationship and mental health in a very tough patch in my life. She became a 3rd member of our relationship and has offered guidance that we will continue to do in our relationship for years to come. She is a wonderful lady with empathy and …

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Sabine Hawkins  “We procrastinated about having relationship counselling for around 2 years. I made 3 appointments then cancelled them trying to pretend the problems were manageable and we didn’t need help. Things finally came to a head and we had no choice; either go for help or split up. My husband didn’t want to so …

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Kiran Kaur “Really appreciate the help and support provided via the counselling service you have provided. It has really helped our relationship and has helped me understand how to better communicate and make my feelings known. This intervention has helped save and mend our relationship and ultimately our marriage so thank you again” Dave  

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Mrs T Albany

Couples Counselling Ashford

Sian Jones  “Sian Jones is Highly recommend!!  I contacted Online Couples Counselling for an appoinment with Sian because I was concerned that my reaction to the small irritating things my partner was doing was getting out of hand. I was anxious, angry and upset on a regular basis. I tried to blame him for a …

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Byron & Claire

June Brogan “Having June help us talk through our problems online helped us both see each others point of view and see things more clearly. Our marriage is much stronger now that it has been for years – thank you so much”

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Tracey B.

online couple counselling

Sabine Hawkins  “We knew we needed to separate but wanted to do so amicably for the sake of our two children. Sabine made this possible by offering us the support through a very difficult time”

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