Kiran Kaur “Really appreciate the help and support provided via the counselling service you have provided. It has really helped our relationship and has helped me understand how to better communicate and make my feelings known. This intervention has helped save and mend our relationship and ultimately our marriage so thank you again” Dave  

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Mrs T Albany

Couples Counselling Ashford

Sian Jones  “Sian Jones is Highly recommend!!  I contacted Online Couples Counselling for an appoinment with Sian because I was concerned that my reaction to the small irritating things my partner was doing was getting out of hand. I was anxious, angry and upset on a regular basis. I tried to blame him for a …

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Byron & Claire

June Brogan “Having June help us talk through our problems online helped us both see each others point of view and see things more clearly. Our marriage is much stronger now that it has been for years – thank you so much”

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Tracey B.

online couple counselling

Sabine Hawkins  “We knew we needed to separate but wanted to do so amicably for the sake of our two children. Sabine made this possible by offering us the support through a very difficult time”

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Mr & Mrs Donahue

Sian Jones  “We were really skeptical about online couples counselling as you know! But it was great and so convenient. Thank you so much Sian for putting our marriage back on track!”

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Adesian & B Adedayo

Sian Jones  “When my wife suggested that we should see a relationship counsellor but I thought it was very sceptical and cynical. But Sian Jones made us both feel very relaxed from the outset and she never took sides in any of our conversations. Sian helped us through the sometimes difficult process. I would recommend …

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Hayley and John

Online Couple Counsellor

Gaye Mitchell  “Although my partner was reluctant to do online therapy Gaye put us both at ease straight away. I was surprised how he opened up and I was able to see things from his perspective for the first time. I know that he understands me more now and with Gayes help we are closer …

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Paul & Sue B

couple counselling ashford

Sian Jones  “I didn’t think there was any hope for our relationship as all we did was argue and shout at each other. We booked to see Sian because she started online couples counselling so we thought she must be good.. She was so patient and understanding and always saw things from both points of …

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