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Online Relationship Counselling


Hello, my name is Irena Campbell (usually known as Rainey) and I am a CPCAB (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) qualified ‘Integrative Counsellor’ for both couples and individuals. Being an Integrative Therapist means; I am flexible in my approach to ensure the desired outcome is achieved for every couple I see.

I understand that seeking help with your relationship might feel quite daunting. However, I am confident that my warm and relaxed manner will help you both feel at ease very quickly. Whether you are choosing to stay together but would like some help in getting your relationship to a better place. Or whether you would like help in separating amicably. My couple counselling will help you both navigate and negotiate towards a brighter future.

My approach to couple counselling online

The first question I will ask is  ‘what do you hope to get out of the therapy?’ I will then offer you a safe environment in order to promote the required changes so you are able to achieve your goal. Sometimes, couples are unsure about what they want. That’s okay, we will work together to find that out. I will then help the transition and move you forward more positively. I am passionate about what I do and committed to working with you in an empathic, non-judgmental, professional way.

Online relationship counselling will offer you both the opportunity to understand why your relationship might have run into difficulties. As a relationship therapist, I will help you recognise the reasons behind why you are seeking relationship therapy. Then together, we will explore why you might be feeling worn out or overwhelmed in the relationship.

I will gently encourage you both be really honest with each other about how you truly feel and why. I will also identify when you both need alone time.

My work is diverse and have experience working with mixed cultures, same gender relationships and friendships. Any relationship can cause stress and conflict. However, with the right help and support these issues can be resolved.

The benefits of online couple counselling

Couples often seek relationship counselling because of a breakdown in communication, which can happen gradually over a number of years. Because of this breakdown resentment tends to build on one or both sides. Through couple counselling you will learn to understand your own unique way of communicating and also your partners.

It is all too common for couples to ‘talk’ but not tell their partner what they are truly feeling – and expect them to mind read. But when their partner doesn’t or can’t, it can lead to hurt, disappointment or anger. This expectation can cause huge problems in a relationship.

Couple counselling will give you both the opportunity to be ‘heard’ and also hear what your partner is saying, without interruption. By listening and taking turns to speak, it will allow you the time to explore the dynamics in your relationship. It is not about attributing blame. It’s about gaining understanding of the role you both play and then taking responsibility for your part in the relationship that is contributing to it not working as well as you both would like.

Ethical standards

I subscribe to work within the BACP ethical framework. Have regular supervision and undertake regular professional development.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Irena for relationship counselling online. Pease contact her via Online Couples Counselling today. Request an appointment with Irena