Judah Racham

Online Couple Counselling

Hello, my name is Judah, and I am a fully qualified and experienced Couple Counsellor with a level 5 Professional Diploma in ‘Psychotherapeutic Therapy. I have been in private practice for a number of years, providing therapy for both couples and individuals.

About relationships

It can be difficult to admit that we need help in life sometimes. We are given the idea that having the answers to things we face in relationships should come naturally to us. This is far from the truth as we can only manage with things in life with the tools and information that we have available to us. I have always found that when couples are able to increase the tools and awareness about their relationship, they are more empowered to make the changes that they see as necessary.

All of us are unique and complex as individuals and our relationships are places where we seek understanding and support from another person. This can really impact us when things are not going smoothly within these relationships and this will also impact us emotionally.

Many couples experience difficulties with communication in their relationship or a strained or diminished sex life. It is common for couples to be unclear about when and why the problems in their relationship, especially if this has occurred for many years.

There are things that happen in life such as bereavement, infidelity, the loss of job or health problems that can impact our relationships negatively, which can leave you feeling lonely, undesirable, insecure and lost. Sometimes couples experience difficulties that come from stored-up resentment and unexpressed feelings about things that have happened in the relationship.

Perhaps you might feel that your relationship would benefit from you both being able to talk openly, ideally without filtering your feelings about the other person. The road to healing our relationships sometimes begins with being heard and accepted by our significant other.

My approach to couple counselling

There is something unique and beneficial about having a “safe space” to speak with another person who is unbiased, empathic and accepting. My aim when I work with couples is to be genuine, down-to-earth and understanding of both people in the relationship. I am hoping that my approach will help couples to feel comfortable enough to open about the issues they are facing in their relationship.

I do not believe in taking sides and I won’t pass judgement or attribute ‘blame’ in anyway. My approach will be to listen to and to understand both of your perspectives. and I will  ask questions in order to bring about greater awareness of what is not working, as well as what you would like to see change. I will try to help you have a discussion in a way that helps you both listen to and try and understand each other’s perspectives.

I believe that the counselling space is an opportunity for you both to equally and safely share your feelings and perspectives. This will hopefully enable you to have a better awareness of how each of you view things in the relationship.

If there are tools or strategies for effective communication that I feel will be of help for your relationship, I will share these ideas with you. As a couple you can then decide which strategies you feel will work best for you to try.

A positive relationship counselling experience can, amongst other things, enable the following

Increased self-esteem
Improved intimacy between you
Improve your feelings of self-worth in the relationship
Help you both recognise and reduce negative and self-sabotaging behaviour
Leave you feeling more comfortable asking for your needs to be met within the relationship.

Alternatively, perhaps one or both parties feel a separation is inevitable and want help in doing so more amicably. As a neutral person I will support you in doing so whilst maintaining respect and compassion for each other.

Ethical standards

As a registered member of the BACP I subscribe to their code of ethics. This includes undertaking continuous professional development and clinical supervision.

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