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Hello, my name is Leonard Sampson (I’m usually called Aryeh.) As a certified Imago relationship therapist, I specialise in helping couples improve their relationships. I am also BACP accredited, with a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I’ve been counselling in private practice for 12 years and I am  a registered provider with Bupa, Axa and Aviva.

How I can help

I find with many couples that their relationships begin on a high, but with time and the pressures of life this begins to fade. They often experience a breakdown of communication, which leads to arguments. Power struggles then develop in which each person strives to have their needs met. A loss of emotional closeness, trust and physical intimacy follows, which can lead to a crisis in the relationship.

I work with couples to rebuild love and connection in their relationships. A key to this is building open and calm communication in order to understand each other, resolve conflict and meet each other’s needs. I share a range of communication skills to help build better communication. Key to this is seeking to understand the other person’s needs and moving out of blaming and shaming. I also focus on creating greater positivity in the relationship by building greater appreciation, care and fun in order to reignite love and connection.

Pre-marriage Counselling

I also offer counselling for couples dating and before marriage, which is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship to build the best possible future. We look at issues such as building effective communication, resolving conflict and how to maintain love and affection

Separation and Divorce Counselling

I also offer counselling for those who have decided to separate or divorce and want to end their relationship amicably. There may be boundary issues or concerns about how best to manage the impact on children. Relationship counselling can support this process and help to end a relationship in a healthy way.

Past couple reviews

Aryeh has been great in helping me and my husband to reconnect. We like his practical style of therapy. He is also able to have a laugh with us which is something we appreciate as it can be very nerve-racking attending counselling. We both highly recommend him for couples who are struggling”

Aryeh has been incredibly helpful at listening and outlining the fundamental challenges in our relationship. We are already gaining so much insight from our sessions with him”

“My husband and I have just started our joint sessions with Aryeh and we feel like we’re in excellent hands. He’s a really clear communicator and helped us feel very safe, especially my husband who was quite nervous

Ethical Standards

I subscribe to and work within the BACP code of ethics. In addition, I undertake regular professional development and supervision.

If you would like to book an appointment to see Leonard for online couples therapy then please contact him via Online Couples Counselling to book an appointment Request an appointment

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