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Hello, my name is Mary Keshavarz and I am a fully qualified, BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) accredited ‘Integral Psychotherapist’. Integrative therapy means I drawn upon a wide range of techniques and theories based on each individual couple’s needs.

I am also an accredited member of ‘The National Counselling Society (NCS) and a member of the Australia Counselling Association’ (ACA). I am currently working towards a Doctorate to become a Counselling Psychotherapist at the ‘New school of Counselling and Psychotherapy’ (NSPC).

How I can help

Do you experience conflict and difficulty as a couple? It is of course natural for every couple to argue from time to time. However, recurrent conflict, which is unresolved is unproductive and leaves couples experiencing significantly more distress than they need to.

Sometimes individuals/couples have an excessive avoidance of conflict, which can also be a problem in itself. Because this means any problems are left unsaid which in turn can lead to resentment on one or both sides.

I will help you to improve your relationship by helping you to respond to problems and difficulties in ways that bring you closer together, rather than drive you apart. Relationship counselling will also help you to clarify any uncertainty or ambivalence in your relationship, to heal wounds and to better function together as a couple.

As a couple counsellor, I will help you to identify any unhelpful patterns of behaviour, which might be contributing to the relationship issues. Then together, we can work on changes to achieve problem resolution. The relationship counselling process will help to re-establish your connection and bond to one another. Meaning your relationship will become a a source of support once more.

Ethical Standards

I subscribe to and work within the BACP code of ethics and the NCS ethical framework. In addition, I undertake regular professional development and supervision. Alongside holding professional indemnity insurance.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Mary for marriage counselling online. Please contact her via Online Couples Counselling Today. Request an appointment with Maryam

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