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Hello, my name is Jacinta McAuley and I’m a fully qualified individual, couple and family therapist, with over 20 years’ experience. I am also BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) accredited.

My couple counselling training was through ‘Relate’. This is where I achieved a Graduate Certificate in ‘Couple Counselling’ a Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Couple Therapy’ and a Systemic Certificate in ‘Family Therapy’

My approach to couple counselling

I practice the ‘Systemic’ approach, which means understanding patterns and systems in our backgrounds; such as our culture, gender and family, patterns of belief and behaviour. This benefits couple counselling because it understands the social contexts couples are embedded in and influenced by.

This removes personal pathology, such as ‘blaming’ each other, which helps couples to have open and safe dialogue. For change to happen, couples need to feel accepted and listened to. Change in one part of the relational pattern or system, creates change in other parts. This helps couples explore what they might like to do differently.

I also take a ‘Psychodynamic’ viewpoint which explores the inner unconscious motivations and world of a person, also how the past affects the present. The couple relationship is a ‘good fit’ when each person holds a space for the other. Couple relationships and styles of connection (attachment) are initially formed by the template from our parenting and early life.

Therefore, by combining an understanding of the social and relational narrative or stories of the couple (systemic). Along with the ‘inner psychological space’ of each partner (psychodynamic) it opens up a route to greater understanding of past issues. This is helpful in gaining understanding how these issues might be showing in the present relationship.

This benefit of this approach during couples counselling is that it can improve how couples manage their relationship going forward. The relationship between the couple and counsellor is also fundamental in understanding what each partner brings to the conscious and unconscious relationship.

How I can help you

Relationships can run into difficulty for a variety of reasons. Such as a lack of connection or little emotional or sexual intimacy. Infidelity or life changes through work or bereavement can also impact a relationship. However, the main problem, in the vast majority of couples I see, is a breakdown of connection and communication. This can happen gradually over a number of years, leading to both parties feeling hurt, misunderstood and resentful.

All couples experience this in their own unique way. Through your stories, meanings and feelings I will help you identify the patterns that might have developed as a couple from your individual upbringing and backgrounds. I work from the values and culture of each person to understand of how any broader issues might be affecting your relationship.

I consider myself dedicated, passionate and trustworthy in my work and appreciate it can feel like a challenging step to ask for some help with your relationship. Therefore, I will do my best to make the process supportive and authentic to your needs – both as a couple and individually.

We will work together to try and achieve your aim for seeking relationship counselling. If you are unsure of your goal or the changes that might need to be made in your relationship, we can just allow that to unfold during the session. Therefore, enabling you to move forward more positively.

Relationship counselling online is a confidential, safe space where you will both be able to express you concerns within the relationship. It will allow you the opportunity to talk about what you need and how you feel about each other.  I will help you be heard, accepted and valued even if your thoughts and feelings are not aligned.

Moving you forward

Together, we will look at any helpful and unhelpful patterns you may have developed. This is to explore and understand the role each partner may be playing in sustaining unhelpful patterns.

I aim to build a therapeutic relationship between us that is warm, accepting and gently challenging. This enables you to understand each other more fully and work towards resolving issues. This may mean staying together as a couple or ending the relationship. I will help you in a way that promotes well-being and allows you to move to forward more positively.

Ethical standards

I subscribe to and work within the BACP ethical framework. I also undertake regular professional development and supervision as well as having professional indemnity insurance.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Jacinta for relationship counselling online relationship. Please contact her via Online Couples Counselling today. Request an appointment with Jacinta



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