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Stuck Relationships

Our couple counsellors find time and time again, that poor communication is at the root of most relationship problems. Sometimes couples find themselves unable to communicate and become stuck in a state of arguing and unhappiness, so struggle to resolve the issues between them. As a result one or both parties give up the will to make the relationship work.

Why do

Relationships Become Stuck?

Most problems are caused in relationships by the things that go unsaid, as opposed to when they are said - as long as they are said in the right way. One of the most common reasons couples become ‘stuck’ in a vicious cycle of arguing is often because of a lack of honesty.

Not being honest, is not the same as lying, it’s about not telling the truth. The not telling the truth about how you really feel, what bothers you and what you need from you partner, without attributing blame. As a result, resentment can build and fester on one or both sides.

Common Problems that Go Unsaid:

  • A feeling of not being heard or listened to.
  • Feeling unappreciated or taken for granted.
  • An angry or aggressive partner.
  • A partner who sulks or a lack sex and intimacy.
  • Different values around children and money or who spending too little time together.

What is Honesty in a Relationship?

People often tell us that they avoid being honest with their partner through a fear of conflict or a belief they won’t be listened to. This then results in problems being swept under the carpet, by one or both parties, which can sometimes can go on for years.

Being honest is about taking responsibility for how you feel, and why. Then choosing the right time to talk to your partner calmly and openly. Above all, it’s not about critiscising, blaming or getting angry. It’s important to remember, as human beings, we only tend to really listen when we don’t feel attacked.

Online Therapy for Stuck Relationships

Our online couple counsellors will help you find an effective way of communicating with each other. Together, you will explore what’s not working, from your perspective. Above all, you will both have the opportunity to talk and to be heard. Effective communication is the vital ingredient for a successful relationship.

If you are in a stuck relationship. Perhaps it’s time to pull up the carpet and get everything out on the table. Consequently, your relationship can move forward in a much more positively way with a new understanding. If you would like some professional help contact us at Online Couples Counselling today. 

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