J and JC

Madeleine Kingsley “We’ve turned some pretty big corners in this household, I’m feeling very grateful indeed. Thank you for always being there and holding space, it’s facilitated so much healing for me and my family”


Madeleine Kingsley “We really lucked out when we got Madeleine as our counsellor”

H & RT

Madeleine Kinsgley “Our sessions with you have been a lifesaver and completely invaluable and I think moving forward we are both so much better equipped to deal with whatever comes next. But we also won’t be afraid to ask for help if and when we may need it.”

H & S

Elaine Brown “Just to say Thank you for your help, it has been invaluable and it was wonderful confiding in someone so warm and non-judgemental.  The sessions were priceless in how they improved our communication and overall relationship.  The tools we’ve learnt will be invaluable taking froward”


Tim Gilbert “The weekly sessions with Tim have been invaluable. His intuition, sensitivity and empathy have made the process enlightening and very manageable at a point where our marriage was in crisis. Thank you, Tim, – you have saved my relationship”

J & P

Elaine Brown “Thank you so much for everything you have done to help the situation with our marriage.  We have learnt a lot but still have a way to go but you have helped more than we can of expected”


Tara Cratchley “We didn’t think we would be sat here together having enjoyed a family Christmas, when this time last year we felt we were at the end. Thank You for helping us find a way forward that suited us, and for your knowledge and understanding. We now are looking forward rather than dreading the...

Rosalyn and Patrick

Tara Cratchley  “The Irish” (ha ha ha!) cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us Tara. It’s been a steep hill but we finally got there, we will never forget what you have done for us and all being well we won’t be booking again!! :))”

Byron & Claire

June Brogan “Having June help us talk through our problems online helped us both see each others point of view and see things more clearly. Our marriage is much stronger now that it has been for years – thank you so much”