A well kept secret…because discretion is everything


One of the UK’s Leading Relationship Counsellors Sian Jones is based at Online Couples Counselling. Sian talks about how she created a service enabling her high profile clients to resolve their relationship problems at home.

With discretion being at the core to her work, is it any wonder that Relationship Counsellor Sian Jones could be declared a well kept secret? Sian’s reputation has grown predominantly by word of mouth through friends confiding in friends. The ultimate discretion for couples is choosing to have therapy in the privacy of their own home.

couples arguing

Counselling at home may not be your everyday service but many of Sian’s clients are not necessarily your every day couples. In fact, many are high profile, well known individuals who work in the public eye and are experiencing problems in their relationship.  However, the main difference for these couples is that at a time when they need to focus on their relationship, there is the added fear of being seen going to visit relationship counsellor. And the potentially negative publicity that might follow.

Sian prides herself on the fact that her travelling to see clients at home has enabled some couples the privacy they desperately crave, whilst still allowing them access to help.

Who is Sian Jones

It’s apparent upon meeting Sian that she breaks all the stereotypical views some might have about relationship counsellors. She is somewhat quirky, passionate, frank and warm. As her website rightly states ‘she has an exceptional ability to make people feel instantly relaxed and engaged’. Sian expresses her views ardently on what it takes to save a relationship and the ‘proof is the pudding’ – 98% of her first time clients re-book.

Prior to becoming a full time counsellor Sian’s background was in the corporate world of ‘Coca-Cola’ which she believes has  contributed to her success by enabling her to take a common sense and proactive approach.

Sian’s career in counselling began down the more traditional route with couples attending appointments at her practice. This still continues today.  It was pure chance that led to Sian carrying out appointments in a couple’s home. A previous client asked if she would be prepared to see a ‘celebrity friend’ in the privacy of their own home. To ensure the ultimate discretion. This was the start of Sian’s Home Appointments service which has grown ever since.

Why couple counselling at home?

Sian’s experience has shown that if a couple are more relaxed in their own environment. Meaning they are much more likely to open up, leading to  greater success rate in getting relationships back on track. This proved so successful, that many of Sian’s clients often keep in touch with and and have ‘top up sessions’. This enables them keep on track with all they have learnt.

Sian’s view of the world of celebrity differs to some perhaps. Explaining how it saddens her, that society seems to place great importance on our ‘celebrity culture’ with a hunger for celebrity ‘gossip’. Unfortunately, this often results in couples in the public eye being scrutinised for real or perceived cracks in their relationship. This can lead to a much sought after media story.

We are all human at the end of the day and we all experience relationship ups and downs. Comments such as ‘what do they expect, they are in the public eye’ are frequently hear. Or ‘they earn enough money they have to put up with it’ may well come with the territory. However, no amount of money can lessen the hurt someone feels when there relationship ends up breaking down.

So I asked Sian – what is the magic key in making a relationship work?

“Act early and don’t wait until the rot has well and truly set in before getting help. Along with the bog standard answer of  ‘good communication.’  In my view, good communication means having the ability to see things from your partner’s perspective, particularly during an argument. You don’t necessarily have to agree with it, but be able to at least understand it. If we could all do that then we would be well on the way to having happy, harmonious relationships. And I would be out of a job!”

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