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Relationship Problems

When people search’ relationship problems’ it can be for a wide variety of reasons. However, the following are some of the more common problems that people often seek relationship help.

No relationship is perfect. And if a couple claim that theirs is, then they are probably not being honest with themselves or their partner. This can seriously damage a relationship, in both the short and long term. Part of being human is that we experience emotions and we experience problems if our needs are not being met. How you handle these problems in a relationship is crucial as to whether or not you’ll have a healthy marriage.


Poor communication is at the root of 99% of relationship issues. Even if couples are unaware or unwilling to admit to that.

Perhaps you feel your partner is not interested in you or anything you have to say. Maybe you feel you don’t have anything in common anymore. So you don’t bother trying to discuss what’s going on in your life. It could be that you have started living separate lives although you share the same house.

When couples stop communicating, underlying problems within their relationship don’t get openly discussed. Therefore, things begin to fester and resentment, hurt or anger, on one or both sides begins to set in.

All relationships needs time, effort and nurturing, which means taking the time to ask your loved one about their day, their thoughts and feelings and making the effort to share yours too.


Many couples experience relationship problems because of mistrust or jealousy within the relationship. Even when there is no factual evidence. It might be you or your partner who is insecure, but the relationship can become toxic if steps aren’t taken to control of it.

Our relationship experts will help you find a way to understand what is driving any insecurity and work past the lack of trust. It’s not about attributing blame it’s about understanding both of your perspectives. Each party needs to feel safe and secure in a relationship and that can only happen if both sides show understanding and patience.

The passion has died

Passion within a relationship can diminish if you allow it to. Keeping passion alive takes hard work and effort, but it’s worth it. That means doing new and exciting things, exploring your sexuality, challenging each other, thinking of new ways to give and receive pleasure.

Keeping the passion alive is also great for your mental health because it tends to make you a more relaxed person. When you and your partner spend more time with each other and remember the things you love about each other, things can get back to normal even if you’re started experiencing boredom and intimacy issues in your marriage. More about lack of intimacy

Help for relationship problem

Relationship problems can resolved if you do something about it early enough. Our couple counsellors will ensure you are both given equal opportunity to express your issues. Talk about your feelings and expectations and help you move forward more happily.

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