The Importance of Communication

Communication in relationships Our relationship counsellors at Online Couples Counselling cannot emphasise enough the importance of effective communicationn in relationships. However, it’s common for couples to fail to recognise that the reason their relationship has run into trouble is because their communication style is poor. Good communication is an important part of all relationships and...

The 7 Year Itch – Is There Such a Thing?

There appears to be a large degree of truth behind this myth because it's supported by evidence - divorce rates in the UK show a trend in couples getting divorced, on average, around the 7th year of marriage. Having said that, couples certainly don't need to be married to experience the 'itch' it happens due to a length of time, not necessarily a marriage certificate.  Many couples report a gradual decline in the quality of their relationship between the 'honeymoon' months and up to the 4th year. If not addressed, tensions rise to such a level around