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Our Approach

We are one of the largest, most trusted, professional providers of online relationship counselling in the UK

We find it increasingly common for couples to want help with their relationship, but they struggle to find the time. This is often due to location, long working hours/work travel or difficulties around childcare. To meet this demand, we have offer online counselling via Zoom so you can book your session at a time and place that suits you. Even if you are in different locations

Our relationship specialists have helped hundreds of couples resolve the issues between them in a calm, amicable way. We provide understanding, support, advice and guidance to enable you to get your relationship back on track, unless you explicitly tell us you would like help to separate

Our team of highly experienced relationship therapists are used to dealing with any type of relationship and all kinds of problems - so we are ready to help you.


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Common Relationship Problems

  • Stuck Relationship
  • Stale Relationship
  • Infidelity of affairs
  • Separation or Divorce
  • Intimacy problems
  • Impact of pornography
  • Jealousy or Insecurity

Our Online Counselling Fees For Zoom

£70 (Per Couple)
A Full Hour Session

Onlline Couple Counselling

£60 (Individual)
A Full Hour Session

Online Counselling Session

What People Say About Us

  • Sian Jones

    Hi Sian, we just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Things have never been so good for us!”

    As you know, when we booked to see you we were on the verge of splitting up and Brian didn’t want to have counselling because neither of us could see a way forward.  And as much as the sessions were really difficult to start (in the nicest possible way!!) You were so kind and understanding whilst at the same time encouraging us to both be really honest. You were very honest with us both also by pointing out what we needed to take responsibility for individually if we wanted things to get better”

    “We both feel it’s a bit scary not having our weekly sessions with you but hopefully we will be OK now but we know where you are! Thanks again x

    Brian and Sophie


    Brian & Sophie

  • Madeleine Kingsley

    We’ve turned some pretty big corners in this household, I’m feeling very grateful indeed. Thank you for always being there and holding space, it’s facilitated so much healing for me and my family”


    J and JC

  • Sabine Hawkins 

    “Hi Sabine, you asked us if we would mind writing down what we felt the benefits of relationship counselling are so you can share that to help other people. We both thought long and hard about it and we are not sure we can answer that in a generic format because we feel it only worked for us because of you (sorry if that’s a bit creepy but it’s true!)”

    “From the moment we met you, you put us at ease. You had a way of making us open up and tell you things we had never told each other let alone anyone else! You helped us understand each other and ourselves and you never made us feel judged or uncomfortable and as I said to you on the phone last week now we have finished our sessions we will miss you  in a strange sort of way. Thanks again for everything”


    Elsie & Bernadette

  • Kaye Barney

    “I arranged an initial session through the OCC website where we identified the issues I wanted help with and the approach that suited me best. We subsequently arranged a series of 6 counselling sessions, via video due to covid restrictions. In reality, the video format worked well for me as it felt personal whilst allowing me to be in comfortable surroundings.

    I found Kaye’s approach worked very well – listening & questioning but without judging. She used her experience to introduce useful  techniques which helped shift my thinking and offered topics that I could (optionally) work on between sessions.  She is warm and friendly with a thorough professionalism.

    Over the sessions I significantly progressed my thinking and understanding of my situation. I always felt supported but also pushed to challenge myself, which is what I wanted

    I would thoroughly recommend Kaye as an adaptable, experienced and friendly counsellor. Thank you”



  • Elaine McKenzie

    “When we found Elaine our relationship was in crisis. We had sessions with her jointly and individually. Both myself and my partner found Elaine to be helpful and non-judgemental in appraising our situation. She was very easy to talk to and posed thoughtful questions that enabled us to appreciate our present situation which enabled us to find a way forward”

    “We found it a comfort to have someone with Elaine’s experience to help during this difficult time. We would have no hesitation in contacting her in the future if we need to and would happily recommend her to others”



    K & K

  • Sian Jones 

    “My wife point blank refused to seek help for our problems with marriage counselling because she saw this as a failure she didn’t want to admit to. Neither of us wanted to separate but we wanted to feel happy again. But as much as I tried to persuade my wife to see Sian she point blank refused.

    I called online couples counselling to  ask for advice it was actually them who suggested that perhaps my wife might feel more comfortable if we had a session on Zoom. Although my wife was still hesitant she felt much more comfortable with this idea and it’s helped us greatly. We didn’t even realised how stale things were and  how mundane our lives had become. Sian inspired us with new vigour and understanding and we are both happier now and actually looking forward to our retirement together rather than dreading it”


    Mr and Mrs Cobhurn

  • Madeleine Kingsley

    We really lucked out when we got Madeleine as our counsellor”




    MS & CS

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