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It’s not about the nail…

A common reason that couples seek relationship counselling is because they have lost the ability to relate to each other effectively. When communication starts to break down in a relationship, resentment can begin to grow.

More often than not, it’s not about what we say to our partner but how we say it. Taking responsibility for the tone of your voice is of upmost importance.

Learning to read between the lines during discussions with our partner can also be helpful. Sometimes, it is more important think about what isn’t being said as opposed to what is. Although this can be tricky!

This may well be a stereotypical generalisation. However in our experience of couple counselling. We find that men tend to deal more in fact and what is actually being said, whilst women tend to relate more in feeling. Men frequently say “why don’t you just tell me what the problem is?” Whilst in contrast a women might reply “well you should know!”

This below video clip is well worth a watch.  It’s  humourous, somewhat tongue in cheek and a little stereotypical perhaps. However, in our experience, it’s also very accurate. It’s not about who is right or wrong in a relationship. It’s about accepting the differences between you and learning to relate to each other in the most effective way.

Our couple counsellors suggest; if couples are able to get their heads around this fundamental difference between how (a vast majority) of men and women think and relate. Then it would go a long way in making a long term, happy, harmonious relationshipIt’s not about the nail.

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