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Kathy Hoggart

Kathy Hoggart is amazing! With Kathy’s help my husband and I are back ‘on track’. Kathy reassured us that both of our feelings count and because of this Kathy gained our trust instantly. Kathy quickly helped us to identify what could be causing our issues and how we can use simple techniques and solutions to resolve/manage/accept them.

Kathy had a very thoughtful approach throughout our sessions so that they were well planned and logical but also free flowing and flexible and without her being overbearing or dictating the pace. We had quick exercises that we willingly did in between our sessions that also really helped with our conversation during them. The support Kathy gave us to resolve our issues was superb. The tips and encouragement Kathy gave us helped us to work well together during the sessions. We were also able to work independently so that we made good progress from one session to the next. We are still using those tips now and we still remind each other when we need to of the wonderful guidance Kathy gave so that we can continue to benefit from it whenever we need to.

Thank you Kathy

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