Why Online Couples Counselling Works


Online couples counselling may sound like a misnomer. After all, isn’t counselling supposed to be face-to-face, with the counsellor sitting a couple of feet away? That’s the image that’s ingrained in us thanks to movies and the media. But online couples counselling works and it is becoming increasingly popular.

If you or any other couple you know needs counselling but are limited by lockdown restrictions or other circumstances, here are six reasons to try online relationship counselling.

6 reasons why online couples counselling works


Online is a great way to have couple counselling. You don’t have to travel and worry whether you’ll miss your appointment in case you get caught in traffic You will also save time through not having to travel anywhere.

Online counselling can be done from the comfort of your sofa, hotel room, offiece or bedroom. You also don’t have to book your sessions weeks in advance because due to it being online means the counsellor will have more availabilty.


Some couples don’t pursue therapy because of the costs involved. Other than the counsellor’s fee, there’s the associated travel costs and other expenses. The savings through having online therapy can be significant.


A vast majority of online relationship counsellors only offer daytime appointments, which is not suitable for a vast majority of working couples. Our online couple therapists also offer evening or weekend counselling sessions. They also won’t tie you to the same day and time each week.

The flexibility of online counselling ensures that you can schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you both.


Some couples seeking counselling may not be living together. In some cases, they could be in two different cities/countries due to professional reasons. These make it difficult for them to and attend face to face therapy.

When it’s online, they can attend from their homes or hotels, meaning they never have to miss a session.

Familiar space

It’s easier to open up when you’re in a familiar setting. No matter how friendly a counsellor is in their office, the background can feel clinical and impersonal. Add to that sometimes awkward wait at the reception.

But with online couples counselling, you’re talking from your safe space, whether it’s your couch or bedroom. That’ll make it more effective.

In summary

In a world of video conferencing and Zoom meetings, digital interactions are no less fruitful than face to face meetings. Although at first you may be sceptical about virtual counselling, feedback has shown that it is as equally effective as face-to-face relationship therapy. After the first couple of sessions you will not even think about it being online.

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