Kay Doherty This is the first time I’ve had counselling. It was nice to do with my husband so you can experience it with someone else because I wasn’t sure what to expect. Kay is very friendly, approachable, easy person to talk to and put us at ease straight away. Online zoom really worked for...


Kay Doherty We both found the counselling with Kay Doherty really helpful in getting us to really talk and really listen I’d happily use this service again.

Maura Hussy

“We loved our experience, keep up the good work! It completely surpassed our expectations!”


Madeleine Kingsley I initially went to meet with Madeleine for marriage guidance therapy.  Madeleine was understanding, supportive and empathetic to our needs.  She was a rock through the most difficult times in my life; always available with sage advice and guidance even when it wasn’t easy to hear. Her quick wit makes her easy to...

Lucy and Tom

Kay Doherty If you are looking for a great counsellor then Kay is the person you need to see. Without her me and my partner would not have been able to make the steps we have. Her support and guidance is greatly appreciated and we thank her for everything. Many thanks


Kay Doherty  We had never used counselling of any kind in the past so we found the whole process of finding someone we can speak with quite challenging. We ideally wanted to meet with someone face to face but soon realised that everyone was busy, so searched for an on-line appointment. Ours was a private...

Mr and Mrs Bowditch

Denese MacDonald Dear Denese, we really have learned a lot about our relationship through our sessions with you . After 40 years we were happy but taking each other for granted . The bigger issues were not a problem , but the smaller irritations were magnifying for a very long time . You helped us...

Clive and Julie

Tim Gilbert For Julie and I, counselling was an opportunity for change. We knew we were stuck and needed the time, the tools, the space, the bravery and impetus to begin the process of change. Tim gave us what we needed and at a pace we could manage. Tim joined with us in our exploration...

Brian & Sophie

Sian Jones “Hi Sian, we just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Things have never been so good for us!” As you know, when we booked to see you we were on the verge of splitting up and Brian didn’t want to have counselling because neither of us could see a...

J and JC

Madeleine Kingsley “We’ve turned some pretty big corners in this household, I’m feeling very grateful indeed. Thank you for always being there and holding space, it’s facilitated so much healing for me and my family”